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29 November 2009 @ 11:04 am
yeah, i write more often on DA then else.... But still!!

I'm great, just not wanting to go to work, I just want to rp ;A; * addicted *

Oh talking about Rp, I'm on a Rp, with no much people... On DA, a Rp msn that is! I wonder is people would like to come? There's only Norway, Russia, Prussia and Iceland taken, but Ice, I need to not because Russia and me ( Norge ) didn't see him/her online though...
The link --- > http://pasta-mia.deviantart.com/
Feel free to come take a peek! ( even if I feel like the only one to go check and mod on it.... )

And on MPH, its lol: personality swap o3o Saskatchewan have become Ontario!Saskatchewan and Luxembourg, Poland!Luxembourg, its horrible in some way and so funny in the other XD

On PastaMia, just.... Addicted with my Rp with Russia rofl its soooooooooooo fun ;A; the best Rp, or one of the best, I ever had really XD

And I want dunnowhat UZA UNLIMITED to be translated ;A; DenNooooooor!!! so great!!!

Oh, and on here, there a Xmas card xchange too =D feel free to come take a look!!

That's it for now!

* will eventually, post more things here =3= *
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25 September 2009 @ 09:36 pm
* didn't know what to do else, then write *

Myeah, why not? Its like, so boring tonight, waiting to Rp a little~

yay so first com XD
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18 August 2009 @ 12:00 am
Pfff.... I've seen Popo/Lolo/Pinkpaopu LJ page en ok, i'll like... introduce myself XD
So ya, I'm writting much more on DA, buuuuut U__U ( Deviantart -> Kitedge )

Soooo, I'm Norels/Kitedge/China/Tsuki/Etc ! I live in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. I'm a student in infographic, yes, I speak french ( english too, is learning, VERY slowly German and wanna Learn Bokmâl ( Norwegian )). I'm like... An Otaku too. So yeah, almost going in cosplay at school ( bah i did it XD ), always avec my key-chains with me, my cat eared hat, speaking of Rp, manga, anime and quite enjoying it! ( even my teachers are disturbed XD ).

Hum.... Oh, like you have seens, for sure: I REALLY REALLY LIKE Hetalia. After that come Touhou project and .hack// Project, but i'm kinda an hetaliatard and proud of it XD I'm writing often in MylifeisHetalia XD So yeah... Hetalia is what mostly on now, after comes Touhou ( but i've stopped to play... Just fangirling about some character rofl Marisaaaaa : D ) and .hack// is less then that...

I'm a cosplayer too, but i can't sew, so I simply fail. But i've done China cosplay ( the why I'm called China XD ), I wanna do Norge when I'll get money, Belarus/Russia were in my mind too ( Belarus cauz to be feared is lol, Russia, only if Achan make Belarus * luff to run away * ) after that, we'll see o3o

Hum... What else can i say about me... I like to Rp too ( I've created a OC, Saskatchewan for msn-power-hetalia on DA ), my room is a mess, JAPAAAAAN! * point her Japan somewhere in LJ *, Feliks * point saucy/Sayame/her hubby somewhere in LJ top * and euhm.... I don't know ?

I draw too... But need to improve, I wanna play the Megaten games ( i've begin P3 and Devil Summoner 1 ), etc...

So whatever, just ask me things if you wanna know more XD

* point her avatar here and the name Norels * oh right, the first OC for Hetalia that I created was Norels ( named gived by CupxKake ), but now, i'm using it for me x3
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